Ancient Science Based Pure Liminal Priming with Positive Hypnotic Affirmations

Imagine Simply Going About Your Day and Infusing Your Mind with Hundreds of Positive Hypnotic Affirmations!


Nature Liminals: Pure Liminal Plus Nature Soundscapes

They are designed to be listened to while: reading, working, relaxing, stretching or exercising… you can listen to them while you’re writing, designing, creating, anytime.

As you listen to the tranquil soundtracks (nature at it’s finest), your mind will be infused with positive hypnotic suggestions… hundreds of times.

woman, lake

Deeply embedded in these recordings are Positive Affirmations that draw their power from Conversational Hypnosis, NLP and other Linguistic approaches… as well as the time honored traditional techniques and disciplines.

Neuroplasticity explains how this works.

Thousand’s of years of human history using the power of repetition in affirmations shows this works.

Repetition is the key.

It’s the ‘magic’ ingredient that’s been used for thousands of years.

Listening to these Nature Liminal Recordings you will tap into the power of repetition with positive affirmations focusing on multiple core areas of life.

Welcome to Nature Liminals

Beautiful Nature Soundscapes are the background to the (not ‘sub’ but) Liminal Hypnotic Positive Affirmations.

Liminals are “faint and delicate, residing at the threshold of conscious awareness”.

These recordings are multi-layered so that each of the relaxing Nature Soundscapes is infused with Hundreds of Positive Hypnotic Affirmations…

Confidence, Happiness, Optimism, Movement, Motivation, Tenacity, Creativity, Energy & Optimal Health…

are the foci of attention.

Affirmations & Neuroplasticity

network, annoy, nervous system-2932991.jpg

Your brain’s ability to grow and reorganize itself by forming new neural connections – aka Neuroplasticity.

Repeatedly listening to these Nature Liminal affirmations leads to Neurological changes in your brain.

Read that again!

The neural pathways associated with the affirmation concepts of these core areas become reinforced. They physically get bigger in your brain.

This is the important bit:

“They strengthen the cognitive association between the affirmations and the mental images they represent!”

All While You Simply Go About Your Day

I’m using my knowledge and understandings of Hypnosis to create Hypnotic Affirmations. However, unlike Hypnosis, these Nature Liminals can be listened to as you go about your day.

The Hypnotic Affirmations are mixed on the edge of liminality (at the limit of hearing, so you can hear them but you are not distracted by them), to create FIVE Pure-Liminal Recordings.

Affirmations, Thousands of Years of Continuous History Scientifically Studied

buddha, meditation, statue-1281273.jpg

Affirmations, Mantras, Chanting… this is repetition a concept used throughout ancient history.

For spiritual growth and personal development, to activate self-healing, manifestation…

“An affirmation can work because it has the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept.” Ronald Alexander Ph.D.

MRI scans show increased activity in the Prefrontal Cortex* (relative to the control group) when participants thought about the future after using affirmations.

*Your Prefrontal Cortex is responsible for self-awareness, complex planning, problem solving, learning, memory, personality, decision making, modulation of social behaviour and more…

Residing at the Threshold of Conscious Awareness these Pure Nature Liminals are Designed to Boost CORE Areas of Your Life

This Series also comes with a ‘Priming Audio‘. You can think of this as similar to a ‘quick start guide’ you might get with a new piece of equipment.

This, just like a quick start guide, only needs to be listened to once. Because the human mind is truly archival. Everything you’ve ever seen, heard, or experienced is stored in the mind.

Once you’ve primed your mind, your deeper, unconscious mind knows what the affirmations are.

Then the Pure Liminals audio triggers the Positive Affirmations over and over again reinforcing the Positive Hypnotic Suggestion while you’re working, exercising or going about you day with a beautiful nature soundscape in the background.

5 Pure Liminals x 5 Nature Soundscapes =
25 Nature Liminals Recordings

Each Nature Liminal Set includes Positive, Hypnotic, Affirmations focused on the topic of:

Confident, Optimistic + Self-Assured
Motivation, Movement & Tenacity
Creativity & The Flow State
Heart Centered Happiness
Vital Energy & Optimal Health

With 5 Beautiful Nature Soundscapes… you will be able to hear the Affirmations but only just (maybe not even consciously), and they won’t be distracting from the beautiful nature soundtrack.

Dawn Chorus in a Goan Village, home. North Goa.
Light Tropical Rain in a jungle mountain retreat. South Goa.
The Arabian Ocean on a magical morning at Morjim Beach. North Goa.
Trevina Brook in a beautiful wooded valley in the Cornish Countrysde. England.
Evening in Ella, at an elevation of 1,041 metres above sea level. Sri Lanka.

Five Beautiful Soundscapes…

Five Sets of Affirmations…

Because the Dawn Chours isn’t really appropriate for the evening maybe…

Or the Evening sounds in the morning doesn’t feel right, you can listen to whichever soundscape and whichever Affirmation topic you choose.

Each one of these 25 Nature Liminal Soundscapes are 1 hour of uninterrupted Relaxing Nature Infused with Hypnotic ‘Liminal’ Affirmations.

All 5 of the Topics are Created in each 5 Nature Soundscape

The Unconscious Foci of Your Attention
Pure Liminals for the Core Areas of Life

hand, texture, love-7566739.jpg

1. Confident, Optimistic & Self-Assured

In Personal, Social and Business situations, to ‘Know thyself’ and be confident in yourself and with people.

2. Motivation, Movement & Tenacity

Get Motivated and get Focused on your project, work, getting fit, studying, etc… and maintain your momentum to achieve the goals you set in both your business and personal life.

3. Creativity & The Flow State

Every thought is a creative thought… enhance lucidity of thought. Let applied creativity and inspiration flow effortlessly from you.

4. Heart Centered Happiness

When you’re happy you can find happiness any situation… plus you’re having more fun and ‘tuning in’ to positive things.

5. Vital Energy & Optimal Health

Experience boosts in Health & Well-Being with increased energy to enjoy your life. Be rejuvenated with Health & Vigour.

…and it’s even easier with these Nature Liminals as a background to your day.


Five Beautiful Nature Soundscapes From Five Tranquil & Magical Places I’ve been recording these for years

Dawn Chorus in a Goan Village

Recorded at dawn in a sleepy Goan Village…

You’ll be transported to the Indian Countryside, where the birds and crickets welcome the day, and the village begins to awake.

Listen to the relaxing and healing morning songs of the birds in their symphony to the Sun.

Perfect for your Sun Salutation.

The sound of birdsong triggers the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones that promote feelings of happiness… the perfect accompaniment to work, rest or play.

The Arabian Ocean

Recorded at Sunrise on a very magical occasion… the soothing and beautiful sounds of the Arabian Ocean gently caressing the rocks on Morjim Beach.

Dissolve into the deliciously calming natural soundtrack of the gentle crashing waves on the rocky shoreline of this tropical, sandy retreat.

This is the softest non-stop waves for relaxing your body and mind.

The frequency of the delta wave is 0 to 4 Hz, and the ocean sound also has a frequency that is close to the delta wave.

#3 Light Tropical Rain

On a mountain side, in a Colonial Portugese Jungle Retreat… This natural soundtrack of the gentle morning rain was recorded at dawn in South Goa.

Surrounded by jungle and clouds, just the softest non-stop liquid pitter patter of early morning rain…

Perfect for deep relaxation, meditating or the soothing ambient sounds for falling asleep.

A study of university students found that listening to rain sounds while solving arithmetic problems boosted their response times, suggesting that rain sounds can have a positive effect on cognitive abilities. Apr 5, 2023

Trevina Brook

Sitting peacefully on the banks of the Trevina Brook in Cornwall, England.

Enjoy the tranquility and seclusion of the Cornish Countryside. Listen to the relaxing and hypnotic notes of the babbling brook and peaceful wildlife.

The soothing sounds of this woodland brook create apositive natural background for work, rest and play.

We found that water sounds had the largest mean effect size for health and positive affect outcomes.”
PNAS, a peer reviewed journal of the National Academy of Sciences.

Evening in Ella

The night-time soundscape of the beautiful mountain town of Ella, Sri Lanka.

At an elevation of 1,041 meters above sea level. The fresh mountain air and the sounds of nature are surreal, beautiful, serene and calming.

Perfect for relaxing and winding down at night. Enjoy this beautiful symphony of insects and frogs.

Be transported to a summers night in Sri Lanka.

“In clinical studies, we have proven that 2 hours of nature sounds a day significantly reduce stress hormones up to 800% and activates 500-600 DNA segments known to be responsible for healing and repairing the body.”
Dr Joe Dispenza


Your morning Yoga/Exercise with the Dawn Chorus… and Hundreds of Hypnotic Affirmations for better health, or heart centered happiness.

Studying, or working with the Arabian Ocean… with Liminal Affirmations for more creativity, flow state or tenacity.

How about reading with the night-time soundscape of the mountains of Ella… with more optimistic and self assured Hypnotic Suggestions ‘Liminally’ nurturing your mind-scape.

the combinations are yours to choose…

Because the spoken hypnotic affirmations are Liminal (at the threshold) you won’t be distracted by them and can enjoy the nature scene that’s most appropriate to you.

5 Beautiful Nature Soundscapes. 100’s of Hypnotic Affirmations Delivered Limminally… Focusing on Core Areas of Your Life

Nature Liminals – Core Focus

Confident, Optimistic + Self-Assured
Motivation, Movement + Tenacity
Creativity + The Flow State
Heart Centered Happiness
Vital Energy + Optimal Health

100% Money Back Guarantee

It is my hope that these Nature Liminal sessions will exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional results. In fact, if they don’t we offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

We 100% stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our offering, and the Power of Liminal Affirmations as Transformative medium. We are dedicated to your success and well-being, and we are ready to support you every step of the way.

Invest in your personal growth and transformation today, knowing that you are protected by our unbeatable money-back guarantee.

Subliminal vs Liminal. What’s the Difference You Might Be Asking…?

The Short History of Subliminals and the BIG Lie people still believe.

The story goes that during the hot summer of 1957, in a New Jersey movie theater the words “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Hungry? Eat Popcorn” were flashed on the screen of Academy award winning film ‘Picnic’ by Market Researcher James Vicary.

In his press release, Vicary stated that 45,699 people were exposed to these subliminal projections and the reported results of this were increased sales of Coke by 18.1% and popcorn by 57.8%. Impressive stuff.

However… in 1962 when challenged to repeat his experiment and failing to gain any change in sales, Vicary confessed, admitting that he hadn’t actually conducted the experiment at all.

In truth he invented the whole thing to attract business to his failing marketing agency.

“Subliminal messaging was deliberately concocted by a marketing agency for profit… and it hasn’t stopped people cashing in on it since.”

The Placebo Experiment: My Own Investigation

Placebo is a well studied phenomena. My experiments carried out somewhere around autumn of 2015 confirm this. I offered a subliminal recording for more confidence… for free, as part of an experiment. They had nothing on them, other than some music.

The feedback I received from this ‘experiment’ was that almost every person commented about the positive effect on their confidence. Clearly demonstrating that the One (hypnotic or very Liminal) Suggestion “This recording will give you more confidence” at the beginning helped them more than hundreds of ‘subliminal suggestions’ that weren’t there!

Simply put, the expectation of becoming more confident coupled with the ‘procedure’ of relaxing and listing to an audio created the desired effect they wanted.

Subliminal = Placebo

So how is this working…? and more importantly, what can YOU do to make it work for YOU?

Priming and Liminal Affirmations

Priming, meaning association or ‘seeding an idea’.

seed, sprout, green-7995564.jpg

Priming is a very different thing to subliminals altogether. A form of this you’ll know as ‘product placement’.

Sometimes product placement is very obvious: One popular actor wearing Ray Ban sunglasses in the film Top Gun resulted in the huge popularity and increased sales of the tinted eyewear.

Priming can be described as a ‘psychological phenomenon where the exposure of a certain stimulus, influences the behaviour of a person, even without the individuals awareness that the thing they got exposed too has influenced their behaviour’.

Sounds, images, smells, etc (external or internal) do affect us. Obvious right.

If the visual cortex via the eyes receives the information (although you didn’t ‘notice’ it), or the audio cortex via the ears registers the input, then the stimulus goes in and ‘Primes’ the mind.

So What is the Difference Between Subliminals and Liminals?

Subliminal comes from the Latin ‘Sub’ meaning below and ‘Limen’ (or liminal) meaning threshold. Subliminals are below the threshold of awareness.

Auto-Liminal-Suggestion does work when the sensory gathering apparatus (eyes, ears, etc) are receiving the information, even if the ‘conscious’ mind is distracted or doesn’t notice the stimulus.

If it’s there, but at the threshold of hearing, even if you didn’t ‘notice’ it, you unconsciously heard it, and then priming occurs.

If it’s there, but it’s hidden BELOW the threshold of hearing i.e. sub-liminal* then NO priming happens.
*remember Vicary made it up.

Enjoy Simply Going About Your Day, Infusing Your Mind with Hundreds of Positive Hypnotic Affirmations with these Beautiful Nature Liminals

Nature Liminals – Core Focus

Confident, Optimistic + Self-Assured
Motivation, Movement & Tenacity
Creativity & The Flow State
Heart Centered Happiness
Vital Energy & Optimal Health

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