Mindset Mastery

Are you a practicing martial artist? I have a few friends who are.

Are you a practicing Yogi…? I have many friends who are.

Are you practicing… anything?

The question really is: What are you practicing?

You get better at what you practice. The Good and the Bad.

Practicing Being a Human is important… right?

I’ve spoken at many ‘NLP practice groups’… there the people practiced and gained results.

The Mystery Schools of old… Practiced life-skills.

This is called doing inner work. Practicing, right.

If You Do, You Get Results.

Welcome to Mindset Mastery.

“Mindset Mastery invites you to embrace the journey – to explore the mysteries of your own psyche and discover the power that lies within.”

You know the benefits you’ll get from being in control of you. Your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and actions… You’ll:

  • Unleash Your Potential
  • Cultivate Resilience
  • Master Your Thoughts & Emotions
  • Create Lasting Change
  • Find Purpose and Meaning


Q: What are you getting in: Mindset Mastery?

A: Personal Power. The only power that is yours to have.

You’re getting lessons delivered weekly. A short PDF (think correspondence courses). Each week you’ll receive a new lesson and a new exercise for Mindset Mastery.

Plus the Tools and Techniques to create change, much quicker than in the old days.

For your success, you’re also getting $792.00 dollars worth of bonus video trainings.


Free Your Mind with NLP 4 module program (Sold for: $297)

Workshop: Autosuggestion & Self Hypnosis (Sold for: $59)

Workshop: Belief Changers (Sold for: $59)

Inner Circle Session x11 webinars (Sold for: $299

Webinar: Detoxification and Cleansing (worth $39)

Webinar: the Chakra Code (Easily worth $39)

Total Value $792.00.

Mindset Mastery

The Neuroscience of Success & The Alchemy of the Mind

The price of this weekly course is $99.00 per month.

The Value is… what value can you put on happiness and living a full life?

The cost today for you is half that.


At that price it’s cheaper than a mean for two in a fancy restaurant… and potenaly LIFE CHANGING

Only I’ve made it even more AMAZING for You.

Because you’re a reader of my emails…

Locked in for the full 6 months.

Just $37 a month.

With Instant Access to Lesson #1 And over Seven Hundred dollars of Bonuses.

Right HERE Just $37 per month


I am so confident in the effectiveness of Mindset Mastery that I’m offering a Full 60 day – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply let me know, and we’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.


Everything above… plus: Add Personal Weekly Mindset Mastery Coaching Session with me John Vincent

Only $997 Per Month