Dismantle ‘Triggers’ to Your Emotional States… and Be in Control

Master Your Emotions & Run Your Own Brain

4 Week Workshop Starts Sunday 7th January 24
PST 10am : EST 1pm : GMT 6pm : IST 11:30pm

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Let’s face it… none of us ‘know’ what this year has in store for us!

But we are in control of many aspects of our life …and CAN* be in control of many other areas.

(*and ‘will be’ when you take this 4-week course:-)

Your levels of fitness, creativity, positivity are yours to positively influence.

These are the resolutions to make… the decisions to change and create from a better place.

Emotions are the bringer of joy, motivation and connection… 

…as well as turmoil, stress and discontent.  

Your behaviours drive your successes and results in life.

Changing Automatic Patterns of Behaviour

Changing Automatic Patterns of Behaviour

In this workshop you WILL make behavioral, belief & habit changes! Changes that will instantly benefit you.

As well as learning new ways of making change within yourself in future situations.

In certain instances: tools, techniques and strategies ARE useful (and I will give you plenty of these)…

But in other situations you simply want to ACT differently. You want to be different, naturally without having to ‘do a technique’.

It’s like taking the wind out of the sails of the negative emotions, setting a new course, a new direction… and firing up the engines.

We WILL make change together during this 4 week course. That’s Benefit Number #1

In this Results Driven LIVE workshop you are encouraged to attend ‘live’ because you can ask any relevant questions to you… and you WILL benefit from personally tailored advice and techniques.

The more you interact, the greater the benefits you will gain (and the more benefits your fellow participants will receive also).

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Benefit Number #2 is you being in a better place.

You being calmer, more focused, more positive in every way… and then, making decisions from there.

Your emotions act as a ‘Compass’ for your life… they are “powerful currents that guide your experiences…”

When you dissolve negative emotions and create positive emotions… those figurative ‘engines’ will ‘fire’ up automatically, because you’re in the ‘flow state’, you’re acting from a place of positive emotion… setting a better course for your life.

In this 4 Week Workshop We WILL:

Dismantle Emotional Triggers: for a Smoother Emotional Ride
Take Control: Become the Architect of Your Thoughts

What would it be worth to you to…

Master Your Emotions & Run You Own Brain

If you were to take 4 weeks one-to-one sessions working together with me, it would cost you $1500. This 4 week workshop is for a VERY small group (Limited to Just 5 Spaces) to give YOU time and space to change.

This format is VERY effective!!

And the Good News for you, it means the cost is also smaller for you…

$1500.00 divided by 5 is $300 per person.

But this New Year you’ll NOT even pay $300…

Remember, this is a 4-week intensive ‘Change Work ‘ workshop – Limited to a maximum of 5 people.

Let’s create some Magical Results for you this New Year, all for just a one-time payment of $198.

Limited to Only FIVE Spaces

Secure Your Space

Watch – Learn – Change – Ask

This Workshop is Over

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100% Money Back Guarantee

It is my hope that this workshop (and bonuses) will exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional results. In fact, if it doesn’t we offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

We 100% stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our offering, and the power of this medium. We are dedicated to your success and well-being, and we are ready to support you every step of the way.

Invest in your personal growth and transformation today, knowing that you are protected by our unbeatable money-back guarantee.

Dismantle ‘Triggers’ to Your Emotional States… and Be in Control

Master Your Emotions & Run Your Own Brain

This Workshop is Over

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