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Join in Balance & Vision – 11 Days

You’ll get 11 x 11 minute ‘Balance & Vision’ sessions, recorded daily.
Doing anything 11 Days in a row is going to make a difference!
The process builds over the 11 days. Taking You Deeper.

Join in a 11-Day Re-Balance & Visioning

Balance & Vision, Opening Your 3rd Eye & Manifesting

Healing occurs on a Physical, Emotional and Mental Level everyday in our world. The incredible changes I’ve witness as a Practitioner of Hypnosis & NLP… are Transformational.

Hypnosis gets results. Autosuggestion and Self-Hypnosis combined ( “Give you the ‘Keys’ to unlock the powers of your mind” ), they really do.

These are profound mental tools.

Balance & Vision is created on this premise: Miraculous ‘healings’ & Profound Change does occur. Hypnosis can help to create those miraculous changes in people.

For 11 days – Starting Tuesday 1st August through 11th of August.

A Daily Balance & Vision 11 minute stream goes live (you get 48 hours to listen to the replay). Each day this Balance & Vision process grows… Positive Kinesthetic, Positive Deeper Visioning. Extending… Doing anything 11 Days in a row is going to make a difference. You get more of what you’re focusing on, by putting more energy into it.

A process that builds over the full 11 days. 11 Minutes a day. Balance & Vision Taking You Deeper in to You.
Doing anything 11 Days in a row is going to make a difference!!

‘Balance & Vision’ is the evolution of a many different disciplines and years of work.

II Personally Guarantee that in a couple of weeks time you’ ll be SUPER glad you spent the money and invested your time in this 11 day program or your money back.

Balance and Vision

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee (whatever the reason)

Balancing Your Visioning of Your Future with your Values and more…